Control Panel

Drupion utilizes very strong, flexible and intuitive Control Panel which allows you to manage your website files, mailboxes, databases, DNS entries, and install various scripts on your server.

Logging in to your Control Panel

If you are subscribed to any virtual or dedicate server plans, you can open your account by browsing to http://admin.yourdomain.tld or, if your domain name has not been propagated yet, to http://your-drupion-ip:10000 if you are on VPS plan.

If you are on a shared hosting plan, then go to

Enter your username and password as provided in your account at https:/

Navigating Control Panel

When you login to your Control Panel, you'll see a left-hand menu bar and a right-hand content page.

The left menu contains all of the options available for your domain.

The right content page opens with a summary of your virtual server data, such as number of domains, disk usage, mailboxes etc.